Section Vol.1


Visuals transcend words. This is the first issue of "Section," a visual book supervised by photographer Motoyuki Daifu. He selected 10 edgy contemporary artists of his generation who are active in the world of contemporary art, and he himself participated in this special book, which is sure to give you heartburn.The book boldly expresses the values and worldview of  Daifu through an omnipathic editing style in which photography, painting, and spatial art intersect, and a new format of "visual book," rather than a photo book.Five of the ten artists are from overseas. Domestic and international artists, who are often simply distinguished from each other, are gathered in this book to create a chemical reaction!


Visuals go beyond words.
I am launching a magazine for visual communication.
I hope to play a part as a communication tool for artists in Japan and around the world who live in the same era.
− Motoyuki Daifu

Participation artist:
Jason Hirata (ジェイソン・ヒラタ)
Motoyuki Daifu (題府 基之)
Zoe Barcza (ゾー・バルクザ)
Yasuaki Hamada (濱田 泰彰)
Yuhei Kobayashi (小林 優平)
Ilya Lipkin (イリヤ・リプキン)
Yuu Takamizawa (高見澤 ゆう)
Matthew Langan Peck (マシュー・ランガン・ペック)
Shogo Shimizu (清水 将吾)
John Sandroni (ジョン・サンドロニ)

director/editor in chief:Motoyuki Daifu
art director : Kei Sakawaki
printing:Sun M Color Ltd.
binding:mochizuki bindery


publisher:INDIGO CO., LTD.