CUBA by Ernesto Bazan 


Ernesto Bazan, a photojournalist from Sicily, Italy, says that when he was 17 years old, he heard clearly in a dream, "You need to become a photographer."  His life as a photographer changed when he visited Cuba, the first country he visited after graduating from SVA in New York. He married a local woman and moved there in 1997. He fell in love with the place.
This book is a collection of photographs that transcends photojournalism and is filled with the personal intimacy, enthusiasm, and patriotism of a foreigner and a local, while including coverage of Cuba during the "special period" after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 14 years of this photo project, both in composition and subject matter, could only have been captured with his camera. The composition and subject matter of this 14-year photo project could only have been captured with his camera. Some have likened the book to a "love story". However, it could be said that his gaze on this one country itself is a true documentary. This book is the winner of the Eugene Smith Award, which is given to photographic works that emphasize the human and social aspects of a person's life.


Design:Ernesto Bazan, Juan de la Cruz Pavon e molti dei miei benamati studenti


publisher :BazanPhotos Publishing
attachment:dust jacket.