Conversations with the Dead by Danny Lyon


American photographer Danny Ryan, who first published "The Movement," a document of the Civil Rights Movement, when he was a student, has since then captured the turbulent American society around the 1970s from an outsider's point of view. In particular, "The Bikeriders," a series of photographs of motorcycle riders in Chicago, is a masterpiece that captures the anti-social scene of the time from an intimate perspective, and later through "The Destruction of Lower Manhattan," a collection of photographs covering Lower Manhattan, He has continued to influence the world of documentary photography through books such as The Destruction of Lower Manhattan, a collection of photographs covering Lower Manhattan. This book is a collection of documentary photographs taken in six Texas prisons, made possible through unrestricted permission to photograph by the director of the Texas Department of Corrections in 1967. The book, titled "Conversations with the Dead," seems to describe inmates sentenced to life in prison, but Ryan works hard to document their "living." Although a reprint of the book was published in 2015, this is the first edition (second printing) from 1971.

アメリカの写真家・ダニー・ライアンは、公民権運動のドキュメント『The Movement』を学生時代に発表して以来、激動する70年代ごろのアメリカ社会をアウトサイダー的な目線で映し出した。特に、シカゴのバイクライダーを撮影した『The Bikeriders』は当時の反社会的なシーンを親密な視点から切り取った代表作であり、その後もロウワー・マンハッタンを取材した写真集『The Destruction of Lower Manhattan』などを通して、ドキュメンタリー写真界に影響を与え続けている。本書は、1967年にテキサス州の更生局局長による無制限の撮影許可によって実現した、テキサスの6箇所の刑務所が舞台のドキュメンタリー写真集。「死者との対話」と題されたこの本は、終身刑を言い渡された受刑者たちを言い表しているようだが、ライアンはそんな彼らの「生きている」様子を懸命に記録している。2015年に復刻版が刊行されたが、本書は1971年の初版(二刷)。


Design:Danny Lyon, Martin Stephen Moskof


publisher:Holt Rinehart and Winston of Canada
year:1971 second printing
condition:slightly damaged on the cover.