Nuotraukos Dokumentams / Photographs for Documents VYTAUTAS V. STANIONIS


Lithuania in Eastern Europe was occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II, but after Germany surrendered in 1945, it was reoccupied by the Soviet Union.
The Lithuanian citizens were almost forced to change their passports to Soviet ones. Photographer V. Stanionis was sent to a private studio in a private house to simply and simply document the inhabitants of the small town of Seirijai in natural light.
This book is a collection of his films printed by his son Vytautas and published by Kaunas Photography Gallery in Lithuania.
If you look closely at their faces, you can see that some are a little frightened, some are sardonic, and some are smiling a little. These are residents who were tossed about by the state, but nevertheless did not stop living. Although neither their names nor their identities are given, these photographs by themselves certainly record a part of the history of the country of Lithuania.

Winner of the 2014 Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards.

publisher:Kaunas Photography Gallery (@kaunasgallery)
year:2013 First Edition
size:H295×W242 mm