BLOCKS by Dustin Shum *signed 某座 岑允逸 *署名本


Dustin Shum, a member of the Hong Kong-based photography coterie Mahjong, has taken up the issue of public housing in his country, which has been neglected due to unplanned renovation work. Walls painted pink like in a kindergarten, buildings left unfinished or damaged.What Dustin's cold, unblinking camera shots of these buildings highlight is that we usually see architecture as a human being, or more specifically, as a neighbor. The relationship between architecture and humans is no different than the relationship between humans and humans. The people of Hong Kong live with pity for buildings that have been treated so carelessly, and at times, they even find their inner selves reflected in these buildings. They live surrounded by the past itself. Will there ever be a time when the city's wounds will heal?
This book was produced with the support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. It is signed by the artist.

香港発の写真同人誌『麻雀(Mahjong)』の同人メンバーであり、写真家のDustin Shum(岑允逸)は、計画性のない改修工事によって放置された、自国の公営住宅の問題を取り上げた。幼稚園のようにピンク色に塗られている壁や、未完成あるいは損傷したままの建物。その奇妙な景観は視覚的にそこに住む人々の精神生活を乱しているという。Dustinがそれらの建物を冷たい目線でカメラに収めたことで浮き彫りになったのは、我々が普段から建築を人間、さらに言えば隣人のように見ているということである。建築と人間の関係は、人間と人間の関係と変わりない。ぞんざいに扱われた建物を憐れみながら、時にはそこに自分の内面を重ねながら生活する香港の人々。過去そのものに囲まれた生活。都市の傷が癒える時は来るのだろうか。
本書はHong Kong Arts Development Council(香港芸術発展局)のサポートによって制作。サインあり。

Edit:Dustin Shum, Kai-Ting Lin
Design:Kai-Ting Lin
Limited edition of 500 copies


publisher:慣性出版/Inertia Books
attachment:an original bookmark
condition:new, signed.