Mēdeia2.0 ISSUE N˚03


ISSUE N˚03 Osamu Kanemura

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< Mēdeia1.0 > is a project that uses fashion as a medium to inform people about events and social issues around the world as captured by photographers in Japan and abroad.

The next phase of the project, < Mēdeia2.0 > , will focus on the "margins" of thought and emotion, rather than directly conveying the truth.

The third issue is a collection of works by photographer Osamu Kanemura. The Tokyo-born photographer's gaze is on Tokyo, a city without essential "people. People and objects are relegated to the shadows of buildings and commercialized. An amusement city decorated with the neon lights of pachinko parlors and bright advertisements in the downtown area. Its individual forms are revealed by his hand, and the closer we get, the blurrier it becomes.

"A city where no human being can live. It may have been the most radical form of city that capitalism has pursued. Tokyo is accelerating toward a city without humans. Human beings and landscapes all appear in the city as commodities. To photograph the city is to photograph the ruins of commodities." -Osamu Kanemura

国内外の写真家が切り取った世界中の出来事や社会課題を、ファッションを媒体にして人々に知らせていくプロジェクト < Mēdeia1.0 > 。

次のフェーズを示す出版レーベル < Mēdeia2.0 > は、突き刺すような真実ではなく、思考と感情の“余白”にフォーカスする。


"人間が住めない街。それは資本主義が追い求めた最も過激な街の姿だったのかもしれない。人間がいない街へと加速していく東京。人間も風景も全ては商品として街に現れる。都市を撮るということは、商品の廃墟を撮ることなのだ。" 金村修

produced by NITESHA
art direction : Naho Toyoda
translation:Bonnie Pong-Wai Ma
printing:Fujiwara Printing co., ltd.
binding:mochizuki bindery
Limited Edition of 300 copies. publisher:INDIGO CO., LTD.
format:thread stitch binding
attachment:sheet in English and Japanese.