Photo : Magnum Photos/AFLO
FRANCE. Paris. June 13, 2020. Demonstration against racism and alleged police violence. The rally is organized in support of Adama Traoré, who died at 24, in 2016 during an arrest for identity check in the Paris suburbs by gendarmes.
Issue#01 ”Racism”
Through the photographs of “Media1.0” we aim for viewers to pause, imagine, and contemplate, and to motivate even small actions that could bring big change and peace to our society. In the first issue, Issue#1 “Racism” three photographs by world-class photographers of Magnum Photo will be presented.

Photo of the crowd taken against a cloudy sky in June 2020

A crowd made up of different gender, age and race, some wearing masks and face cov-erings, photographed against a cloudy sky. People held “Black Lives Matter” protest signs and raised their fists. This photo was photo was taken on June 13, 2020 at Place de Republique in eastern Paris, France, amidst the global spread of the novel corona-virus. This was a protest over the death of Adama Traore, a black male who died in po-lice custody shortly after his arrest in northern Paris suburb on July 19, 2016.

“Black Lives Matter” is a movement to end police brutality against black people. On May 25, 2020, an African American male named George Floyd died from police misconduct under custody, triggering the movement to spread nationwide with slogans such as “Jus-tice for George,” “I Can’t Breathe” and “Black Lives Matter.”

It has become a global movement. It not only shed light on racial discrimination by white police officers but also on the fundamental issue of slavery, highlighting the deep-rooted problem of racism in major cities and other parts of the world. With the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” the movement has led to the resurfacing of past racial incidents.

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