Photo :Antoine D’agata/Magnum Photos/AFLO

It is said that the world has become more globalized and transformed into a borderless society with the advent of the Internet. However, in reality, a nation separated by borders is a large unit for our daily lives. In 2020, we experienced the spread of the new coronavirus on a global scale, and we may have been strongly aware of the nation.
On the other hand, in the world, many people cross national borders from poor countries to rich countries. According to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), there are currently more than 700 million people on the planet living in extreme poverty ($ 1.90 or less per day). There are various reasons for this, such as refugees due to war and conflict, livelihood threats due to climate change, and labor problems due to racial discrimination. The movement of these people in search of a peaceful and stable life emerges as an "immigration problem."
He tells us that the words "NO BORDER, NO NATION" are facts that we cannot escape from the framework of the nation. And even in a borderless society, crossing borders is a catalyst for learning that discrimination, abuse, and sometimes slaughter can occur.
The theme of Issue # 02 is "NO BORDER, NO NATION". Through this theme, we would like to look at the reasons for racism that never go away and think about what we can do.

Border from Mexico

Is it the twilight when the darkness is approaching, or is it the dawn when the darkness is over? This photo, which captures the imaginary landscape of vermilion in the sky, was taken in 2000 at the border between Mexico and the United States in Baba California.

Many people who cross the border cross the border in the darkness at the risk of their lives. In particular, the region has become a hotbed for drug and weapons smuggling that is widespread in Mexico, and security has deteriorated since the 2010s. As a result, illegal immigrants have increased across the border with the United States, which has become a social problem.

Dagata is in this place, shooting the streets, women who are prostitutes, and the border wall with the United States that extends to the sea.

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